Casa Roosevelt / Branding
Casa Roosevelt is the private pool club of the Macau Roosevelt, the sister property of the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt, in L.A.

The pool club is an urban playground with a pool, bar and an all day restaurant while having the ambition of becoming a major player in Macau's Nightlife.

The brand had to reflect both Macau's Portuguese heritage as well as its Chinese present. We've decided to pair the legendary azulejos with Chinese illustration of sacred animals, in golden inkings.

Project made with GCP Hospitality
The building has been designed by visionary Gulla Jónsdóttir Architecture + Design
Photography by Kelly Puleio
Our tiles are from Azulejos catalogs of the Iberic Peninsula, edited in the 18th century. They are traditionnal fine art and are here to remind us the Heritage of Macau.
We have converted them to blue to match the color of the logo, as well as the color of the sea that's just across the road.

The golden line-art animals are our wink to Chinese culture. We try to use animals that have a positive connotation in China. Animals representing Luck, Courage, Wealth, Long Life, Inteligence, Playfulness, etc...

The background imagery is what connects us to our mother property: the Hollywood Roosevelt.
We will chose black and white party pictures of the 50’s and 60’s. We want them to have a happy mood, class, glamour,
joy, recklessness, etc...

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