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Hostel G is the sister brand of Asian hit brand, Hotels G. Its first opening is in Perth.

ChokdiDesign has once again partnered with GCP Hospitality to create the daughter brand of Hotels G. Whereas Hotels G has a very sober and edgy branding, we wanted to bring Hostel G's brand to the playful side, creating an identity that represenets perpetual re-invention, embodied by a graphic universe that is truly evolutive and reflective of Hostel G : there are no rules.

Our brand allows to create thousands of variations, to break with standard recognition patterns of the traditional hotel industry.

It will not have the traditional dormitory-style rooms of most hostels. Managing group GCP Hospitality’s chief marketing officer, Marc Bichet, said Hostel G was a brand new hostel concept with an emphasis on art, design and community living.

“Today’s modern travellers, millennials and Gen-Z are prioritising social interactions and shared adventures with new-found friends versus the more traditional travel experience,” he said.

“Hostel G is re-imagining this trend, empowering these travellers by offering the perfect balance of privacy, cool amenities that cater to their lifestyle and social spaces that allow them to connect to the city like a local.”

Project made with GCP Hospitality
Project Design Woods Baggot 
Photography by Kelly Puleio
"It's clear from the get-go, that this is no ordinary hostel. GCP Hospitality have unveiled their first Australian property, Hostel G -- a 296-bed hostel that aims to replicate the hotel experience -- without the hefty price tag."

The website, as well as all digital communications also carry the randomness established for the brand. Users will rarely see the website us twice the same combination of colours.

The brands social media benefit form this in having feeds that create a strong consistency.

"Luxe for less! This hostel aims to replicate a hotel stay for just $22 a night - and it even has a games room and co-working space
- A hostel is aiming to replicate a luxurious hotel stay for a price starting at $22 
- Its features include a games room, screening room and a co-working space
- You can choose from eight different room categories which all feature ensuites 

A stunning hostel in Perth is aiming to replicate a luxurious hotel stay for as little as AU$22 a night.
Hostel G has 296 beds and is the first Australian property from GCP Hospitality, who have already dubbed it 'Hostel 2.0' due to its unique design concept set to challenge the status quo."

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